Telomerase abrogation dramatically accelerates TRF2-induced epithelial carcinogenesis.

  title={Telomerase abrogation dramatically accelerates TRF2-induced epithelial carcinogenesis.},
  author={Raquel Blanco and Purificaci{\'o}n Mu{\~n}oz and Juana Mar{\'i}a Flores and Peter Klatt and Maria A Blasco},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={21 2},
TRF2 is a telomere-binding protein with roles in telomere protection and telomere-length regulation. The fact that TRF2 is up-regulated in some human tumors suggests a role of TRF2 in cancer. Mice that overexpress TRF2 in the skin, K5TRF2 mice, show critically short telomeres and are susceptible to UV-induced carcinogenesis as a result of deregulated XPF/ERCC1 activity, a nuclease involved in UV damage repair. Here we demonstrate that, when in combination with telomerase deficiency, TRF2 acts… CONTINUE READING