Telomerase-Mediated Telomere Addition In Vivo Requires DNA Primase and DNA Polymerases α and δ

  title={Telomerase-Mediated Telomere Addition In Vivo Requires DNA Primase and DNA Polymerases α and δ},
  author={Scott J. Diede and D. Gottschling},
  • Scott J. Diede, D. Gottschling
  • Published 1999
  • Biology
  • Cell
  • Abstract To better understand the requirements for telomerase-mediated telomere addition in vivo, we developed an assay in S. cerevisiae that creates a chromosome end immediately adjacent to a short telomeric DNA tract. The de novo end acts as a telomere: it is protected from degradation in a CDC13 -dependent manner, telomeric sequences are added efficiently, and addition occurs at a faster rate in mutant strains that have long telomeres. Telomere addition was detected in M phase arrested cells… CONTINUE READING

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    Analysis of De Novo Telomere Addition by Southern Blot.
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    Regulation of telomere addition at DNA double-strand breaks
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    RPA regulates telomerase action by providing Est1p access to chromosome ends
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    Telomeres and telomerase.
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