Tellurite-induced damage of the erythrocyte membrane. Manifestations and mechanisms.

  title={Tellurite-induced damage of the erythrocyte membrane. Manifestations and mechanisms.},
  author={B. Deuticke and P. Luetkemeier and Bill Poser},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1109 1},
Chemical and biophysical mechanisms underlying the thiol-dependent lytic action of tellurite (and selenite) on human erythrocytes were investigated using native and GSH-depleted cells. Exposure of GSH-depleted cells to tellurite alone produces oxidative cross-linking of membrane thiols paralleled by a moderate membrane leakiness comparable in its extent to that induced by other SH-oxidizing agents (diamide, periodate). Exposure to tellurite in presence of endogenous or exogenous GSH produces… CONTINUE READING
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