Telling Sexual Stories: Power, Change and Social Worlds

  title={Telling Sexual Stories: Power, Change and Social Worlds},
  author={Ken Plummer},
The world has become cluttered with sexual stories. From child abuse scandals to lesbians and gays coming out; from Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas to the troubles of Michael Jackson; from sexual surveys to therapy groups?sexual talk has become more and more evident. This book explores the rites of a sexual story telling culture. Taking three major examples?rape stories, coming out stories, recovery stories?it examines the nature of these newly emerging narratives and the socio-historical… 

Sexual stories go to Westminster: narratives of sexual citizens/outsiders in Britain

'Sexual citizenship' is relatively a new term, which emerged in recent decades with gay and lesbian demands for 'equal rights' with heterosexuals. Rather than taking the concept of sexual

Telling the Truth: Using Narrative Accounts of Sexual Violence to Trouble Feminist and Therapeutic Theory

For women who have experienced sexual violence, to tell another person is both a considered and a compulsive decision. Many women never tell, yet, within our therapeutic culture, it is thought

Coming Out of the Coming Out Story: Writing Queer Lives

This article examines the challenges posed to the western lesbian and gay life writing paradigm of the coming out story by postmodern and global cultures. It reads two memoirs published in the 1990s

“Something a bit more personal”: Digital storytelling and intimacy among queer Black women

Coming-out stories are important cultural texts wherein individuals articulate and interpret experiences of identifying as sexual minorities. Yet, much of the extant literature on coming-out stories

Rethinking rapes: men’s sex lives and feminist critiques

  • L. Delap
  • Sociology
    Contemporary British History
  • 2022
ABSTRACT The last quarter of the twentieth century saw significant innovations in theorisation and politicisation of sexual violence. This article examines the impact of feminist work on rape and

A Review of “The Story of Sexual Identity: Narrative Perspectives on the Gay and Lesbian Life Course”

Researchers and practitioners in psychology and the social sciences are increasingly recognizing the value of narrative and life story approaches to understanding lived experience (McAdams & Pals,

Sex and Truth in Gay Men's Narratives

It is hard to ignore sex in contemporary western life. Historians and social theorists, from Foucault (1976/1979) to Anthony Giddens (1991, 1992), have noted the central place sex has assumed in

Silencing accounts of silenced sexualities

About the book: Feminist research is informed by a history of breaking silences, of demanding that women's voices be heard, recorded and included in wider intellectual genealogies and histories.

Going to the Chapel: Same Sex Marriage and Competing Narratives of Intimate Citizenship

The public discourse about marriage oscillates between a story of the ideal and a story of the everyday. A range of symbolic references or myths are mobilised in media stories about marriage; this is

Making the Human Gesture: History, Sexuality and Social Justice

  • J. Weeks
  • Sociology
    History workshop journal : HWJ
  • 2010
The History Workshop movement grew out of the same social, cultural and political context in the early 1970s as second-wave feminism and the lesbian and gay movement. It's not surprising that they