Telepsychiatry: 'tele' yes, but what about the 'psychiatry'?


To investigate what is lost or gained in a psychiatric evaluation when it takes place via telepsychiatry we compared the interrater reliability between two psychiatrists interviewing 63 subjects in an observer/interviewer split configuration in telepsychiatry and same-room settings. The measures used were the BPRS and interviewer ratings from a semi… (More)


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@article{Baigent1997TelepsychiatryY, title={Telepsychiatry: 'tele' yes, but what about the 'psychiatry'?}, author={Michael F. Baigent and Casandra J. Lloyd and Sara J. Kavanagh and D. Ben-Tovim and Peter M. Yellowlees and Ross S Kalucy and Melissa J Bond}, journal={Journal of telemedicine and telecare}, year={1997}, volume={3 Suppl 1}, pages={3-5} }