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Telepsychiatry services in Finland

  title={Telepsychiatry services in Finland},
  author={J. Lehti},
Telepsychiatry is a novel way to treat patients living in remote areas. This article reviews the annual statistics of a private telepsychiatry clinic in Finland. Between 7 th February 2014 and 12 th February 2015 the clinic had 43 customers and there were 185 service encounters. The majority of the clients (63%) preferred telephone calls as the most important channel to carry out the encounter, 21% preferred videoconferences and 16% wanted to interact mainly via e-mails or chat. The most common… Expand


International telepsychiatry: a review of what has been published
A comprehensive review of the literature in April 2013 found poor evidence for the effectiveness of international telepsychiatry, and used the Cochrane and UpToDate grading recommendations to propose a grading scale for studies concerning international telePsychiatry. Expand
Benefits of a telepsychiatry consultation service for rural nursing home residents.
Providing psychiatric care to rural nursing home residents by videoconference is cost effective and appears to be a medically acceptable alternative to face-to-face care. Expand
What about telepsychiatry? A systematic review.
There is a strong hypothesis that videoconference-based treatment obtains the same results as face-to-face therapy and that telepsychiatry is a useful alternative when face- to- face therapy is not possible. Expand
A review of the costs of telepsychiatry.
Telepsychiatry can be cost-effective in selected settings and can be financially viable if used beyond the break-even point in relation to the cost of providing in-person psychiatric services. Expand
Can Telepsychiatry Replace In-Person Psychiatric Assessments? A Review and Meta-Analysis of Comparison Studies
A review and meta-analysis of the literature comparing telepsychiatry with in-person psychiatry with “in-person” psychiatric assessments concludes there is no difference in accuracy or satisfaction between the two modalities. Expand