Telepsychiatry and carer education for schizophrenia.


OBJECTIVE Despite the scientific evidence, most families of people with schizophrenia in Europe never receive a carer education programme. We evaluated whether a carer education course delivered by telepsychiatry was as effective as a carer education course delivered in situ. METHOD We delivered the carer education course for schizophrenia simultaneously… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpsy.2009.12.021


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@article{Haley2011TelepsychiatryAC, title={Telepsychiatry and carer education for schizophrenia.}, author={Clifford Haley and Eadbhard O'Callaghan and Shane Hill and Nora Mannion and Brooke Donnelly and Anthony L Kinsella and Angela Murtagh and Niall Turner}, journal={European psychiatry : the journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists}, year={2011}, volume={26 5}, pages={302-4} }