Teleparallel theories of gravity: illuminating a fully invariant approach

  title={Teleparallel theories of gravity: illuminating a fully invariant approach},
  author={Martin Kr{\vs}{\vs}{\'a}k and R. J. van den Hoogen and Jos{\'e} Geraldo Pereira and Christian Boehmer and A. A. Coley},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
Teleparallel gravity and its popular generalization $f(T)$ gravity can be formulated as fully invariant (under both coordinate transformations and local Lorentz transformations) theories of gravity. Several misconceptions about teleparallel gravity and its generalizations can be found in the literature, especially regarding their local Lorentz invariance. We describe how these misunderstandings may have arisen and attempt to clarify the situation. In particular, the central point of confusion… Expand

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