Teleparallel gravity

  title={Teleparallel gravity},
  author={Manuel Hohmann},
In general relativity, the only dynamical field describing the gravitational interaction of matter, is the metric. It induces the causal structure of spacetime, governs the motion of physical bodies through its Levi-Civita connection, and medi-ates gravity via the curvature of this connection. While numerous modified theories of gravity retain these principles, it is also possible to introduce another affine connection as a fundamental field, and consider its properties - curvature, torsion… 

Cosmology in f(Q) geometry

The universal character of the gravitational interaction provided by the equivalence principle motivates a geometrical description of gravity. The standard formulation of General Relativity a la

Cosmological bouncing solutions in f(T, B) gravity

Teleparallel Gravity offers the possibility of reformulating gravity in terms of torsion by exchanging the Levi-Civita connection with the Weitzenböck connection which describes torsion rather than

Variational Principles in Teleparallel Gravity Theories

We study the variational principle and derivation of the field equations for different classes of teleparallel gravity theories, using both their metric-affine and covariant tetrad formulations.

Symmetric teleparallel geometries

In teleparallel gravity and, in particular, in F(T) teleparallel gravity, there is a challenge in determining an appropriate (co-)frame and its corresponding spin connection to describe the geometry.

Irregular universe in the Nieh-Yan modified teleparallel gravity

The Nieh-Yan modified teleparallel gravity is a model which modifies the general relativity equivalent teleparallel gravity by a coupling between the Nieh-Yan density and an axion-like field. This model

Dynamical complexity of the teleparallel gravity cosmology

This paper considers a generalisation of the dynamical system by imposing a non-constant degree of freedom over it which allows to rewrite a generic autonomous dynamical analysis.

Connection independent formulation of general relativity

A connection-independent formulation of general relativity is presented, in which the dynamics does not depend on the choice of connection. The gravity action in this formulation includes one

First-order hyperbolic formulation of the pure tetrad teleparallel gravity theory

Motivated by numerically solving the Einstein field equations, we derive a first-order reduction of the second-order f ( T ) -teleparallel gravity field equations in the pure-tetrad formulation (no spin



Gauge Theories Of Gravitation: A Reader With Commentaries

The Rise of Gauge Theory of Gravity Up to 1961: From Special to General Relativity Theory Analyzing General Relativity Theory A Fresh Start by Yang - Mills and Utiyama Poincare Gauge Theory: Einstein

Modified Gravity and Cosmology: An Update by the CANTATA Network

General Relativity and the ΛCDM framework are currently the standard lore and constitute the concordance paradigm. Nevertheless, long-standing open theoretical issues, as well as possible new

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