Teleost Fh14-3-3a protein protects Xenopus oocytes from hyperosmolality.

  title={Teleost Fh14-3-3a protein protects Xenopus oocytes from hyperosmolality.},
  author={Andrea B. Kohn and Devulapalli Chakravarty and Dietmar K{\"u}ltz},
  journal={Journal of experimental zoology. Part A, Comparative experimental biology},
  volume={299 2},
We have previously cloned and characterized a novel 14-3-3 gene from the euryhaline telost Fundulus heteroclitus, Fh14-3-3a (Kültz et al., 2001). The corresponding gene product is osmoregulated and most highly expressed in gill epithelium of this fish. In the present study we have expressed Fh14-3-3a cRNA in Xenopus laevis oocytes and investigated the survival and electrophysiological parameters of Xenopus oocytes in isosmotic and various hyperosmotic media. Xenopus oocytes expressing Fh14-3-3a… CONTINUE READING