Teleological Explanations in Evolutionary Biology

  title={Teleological Explanations in Evolutionary Biology},
  author={Francisco Jos{\'e} Ayala},
  journal={Philosophy of Science},
  pages={1 - 15}
  • F. Ayala
  • Published 1 March 1970
  • Biology, Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science
The ultimate source of explanation in biology is the principle of natural selection. Natural selection means differential reproduction of genes and gene combinations. It is a mechanistic process which accounts for the existence in living organisms of end-directed structures and processes. It is argued that teleological explanations in biology are not only acceptable but indeed indispensable. There are at least three categories of biological phenomena where teleological explanations are… 

Population and organismal perspectives on trait origins.

  • Brian McLoone
  • Biology
    Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences
  • 2020

Fit and Diversity: Explaining Adaptive Evolution

  • D. Walsh
  • Biology, Psychology
    Philosophy of Science
  • 2003
An alternative view of evolutionary theory is outlined, according to which natural selection explains adaptive evolution by appeal to the statistical structure of populations, and development explains the causes of adaptive evolution at the level of individuals.

Mechanism, Emergence, and Miscibility: The Autonomy of Evo-Devo

It is argued that the miscibility of explanations illuminates the distinctive character of recent evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo), which offers a class of emergent explanations that advert to the unique capacities of organisms.

Organisms as natural purposes: the contemporary evolutionary perspective.

  • D. Walsh
  • Biology, Philosophy
    Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences
  • 2006

Natural Selection and Multi-Level Causation

In this paper, using a multilevel approach, we defend the positive role of natural selection in the generation of organismal form. Despite the currently widespread opinion that natural selection only

Chasing shadows: natural selection and adaptation

Measurement of Evolutionary Activity, Teleology, and Life

It is argued that evolutionary activity provides an objective, quantitative interpretation of the intuitive idea of biological teleology and is proposed using evolutionary activity in a test for life.

Selección natural, creatividad y causalidad

In this paper we defend a positive role of natural selection in the conformation of organismal form. Despite the currently widespread opinion that natural selection only has a negative role in the

Pruning the Tree of Life

  • Karen Neander
  • Biology
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1995
This paper argues that this ‘Negative’ view of natural selection ignores the fact that natural selection is a cumulative selection process, which explains how the genetic sequences that individuals inherit and that are responsible for their complex (and co-adapted) adaptations first arose in the gene-pool.



Cause and effect in biology.

La filosofía de the biología evolucionaria fue un esfuerzo por elucidar y establecer los principios fundamentales y los conceptos constitutivos del modo neodarwiniano de interrogar lo viviente, y éste se trasformó en padrón y modelo of lo that esa ciencia debía y podía ser.

The Structure of Science

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Determinism and Indeterminism in Biological Evolution

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Types of Causal Explanation in Science

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Adaptation , Natural Selection and Behavior

  • Behavior and Evolution