Telencephalic afferents to the caudolateral neostriatum of the pigeon.

  title={Telencephalic afferents to the caudolateral neostriatum of the pigeon.},
  author={S Leutgeb and S. C. H. see Husband and Lauren V. Riters and Toru Shimizu and Verner P. Bingman},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={730 1-2},
The pigeon caudolateral neostriatum (NCL) shares a dopaminergic innervation with mammalian frontal cortical areas and is implicated in the regulation of avian cognitive behavior. Retrograde tracing methods were used to identify forebrain projections to NCL and to suggest a possible role of this area in mediating spatial behavior. NCL receives telencephalic projections from the hyperstriatum accessorium, cells along the border of hyperstriatum dorsale and hyperstriatum ventrale, anterolateral… CONTINUE READING
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