Telemedicine model for training non-medical persons in the early recognition of melanoma.


A Web-based educational model, called JUTE, was developed for the early diagnosis of melanoma. It was compared with a control Website composed of information available on the Internet for teaching undergraduate medical students. The JUTE model was designed to allow the student linear navigation of the main topics that were assumed to be important in learning to make a diagnosis. The rate of success in correctly deciding to refer pigmented lesions to a dermatologist was compared among 34 new medical students who were randomly divided into two groups. There was no significant difference between the JUTE and control groups in the pre-test. When comparing the pre- and post-tests, the number of correct decisions increased significantly only in the JUTE group. In the JUTE group there was a slight but significant improvement when comparing decisions about thin melanoma before and after the training. The educational approach chosen for the JUTE Website appears to be useful for teaching the early recognition of melanoma and could be used for larger educational campaigns of skin cancer prevention.

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