Telecommunication economics – overview of the field, recommendations, and perspectives


Telecommunication economics has evolved into an area of research, which includes technical aspects, social issues, economic and business factors, and regulation demands. The combination of those four dimensions is becoming critical for a suitable and viable understanding of communication needs in today’s society. Therefore, this report on the Dagstuhl Perspectives Seminar ‘‘Telecommunication Economics’’summarizes a number of key aspects of this field, it develops a set of selected and detailed recommendations, and outlines respective perspectives, which are being worked on partially already today and which need a much closer attention in the mid-term future.

DOI: 10.1007/s00450-009-0050-3

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@article{Stiller2009TelecommunicationE, title={Telecommunication economics – overview of the field, recommendations, and perspectives}, author={Burkhard Stiller}, journal={Computer Science - Research and Development}, year={2009}, volume={23}, pages={35-43} }