Tel Aviv and the question of separation from Jaffa 1921–1936

  title={Tel Aviv and the question of separation from Jaffa 1921–1936},
  author={Tamir Goren},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={473 - 487}
  • T. Goren
  • Published 23 February 2016
  • Political Science
  • Middle Eastern Studies
ABSTRACT The ordinance granting Tel Aviv the status of local council was given in 1921. Immediately thereafter, the municipal council acted to amend the terms of the ordinance so as to free Tel Aviv entirely from the supervision of Jaffa municipality. Tel Aviv aimed for the status of an independent municipality, but still wished to safeguard its interests in Jaffa. Detachment from Jaffa was for long a central issue for Tel Aviv municipality. The article analyses the Jewish side's stance on… Expand
Jaffa and the struggle to impede Tel Aviv’s expansion 1942–1947
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  • Political Science
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ABSTRACT Tel Aviv, which the Jaffa Arabs saw as the realisation of the Zionist enterprise, begot hostility to itself. Insofar as the city developed, it was perceived as a threat to Jaffa. TheExpand
Relations between Tel Aviv and Jaffa 1921–1936: A reassessment
Abstract From the founding of Tel Aviv adjacent to the Arab city of Jaffa, a new and unique reality arose in Palestine in the form of neighborly relations between a Hebrew city and an Arab city. AExpand
The effect of the Jews on Jaffa’s economic deterioration from 1936 to 1947
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  • Political Science
  • Journal of Modern Jewish Studies
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ABSTRACT One of the most grievous outcomes of the Arab revolt (1936-1939) was the severe economic damage caused to the Arab community. The worsening relations between Jews and Arabs from the start ofExpand
Bibliography of urban history 2017
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According to data of the guidebook mentioned above (note 5), in 1926, Jews held the lion's share of the businesses in Jaffa À more than half of the total number
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