Tejachernes (Arachnida-Chelonethida, Chernetidae-Chernetinae), a New Genus of Pseudoscorpion Based on Dinocheirus Stercoreus

  title={Tejachernes (Arachnida-Chelonethida, Chernetidae-Chernetinae), a New Genus of Pseudoscorpion Based on Dinocheirus Stercoreus},
  author={C. Clayton Hoff},
  journal={Southwestern Naturalist},
  • C. Hoff
  • Published 1 April 1957
  • Biology
  • Southwestern Naturalist
Dinocheirus tercoreus Turk (1949, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. ser. 12, 2: 120-126) is designated type species of the new genus Tejachernes, characterized by having 3 setae (rarely a small additional seta as well) in the cheliceral flagellum, by lacking subbasal tactile seta on the cheliceral hand, by the arrangement of tactile setae on the chelal fingers, and by the absence of a tactile seta from the fourth pedal tarsus. A redescription of the species is given, based chiefly on a series of topotypes… 
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The Status of the Central American Pseudoscorpion Genus Coprochernes Beier, 1976, a New Synonym of Neoallochernes Hoff, 1947 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae)
A restudy of the type specimens reveals that Coprochernes costaricensis has all of the salient morphological features of the genus Neoallochernes Hoff, 1947, including only four setae on the cheliceral hand and a pair of conical spermathecae with darkened tips.
A New Genus and Species of Chernetid Pseudoscorpion (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) from Hainan Island, China
ABSTRACT: Sinochernes wuzhiensis gen. n., sp. n., belonging to the family Chernetidae Menge, 1855, is described on the basis of sixteen specimens collected from tropical forest leaf litter in Wuzhi