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Teichosporaceae, another family in the Pleosporales

  title={Teichosporaceae, another family in the Pleosporales},
  author={Margaret E. Barr},
The family Teichosporaceae is proposed to include eight genera, most of them previously assigned to the lichenicolous Dacampiaceae. New species are described as Byssothecium cholla, Sinodidymella americana, and S. hesperia. New combinations are proposed for Pleospora obiones in Byssothecium, for Trematosphaeria cactorum in Chaetomastia, for Didymosphaeria atraseptata in Immotthia, and for Melanopsammina utahensis in Sinodidymella. 

Bambusicolous fungi in Japan (7): a new coelomycetous genus, Versicolorisporium

A new genus, Versicolorisporium, is established for the coelomycetous fungus collected in Japan on dead culms of the bamboos Pleioblastus chino and Sasamorpha borealis. The type species of the genus,

Mycosphere Notes 102-168: Saprotrophic fungi on Vitis in China, Italy, Russia and Thailand

This set of notes deals with species found on the grape genus, Vitis, one of the most important economically important crops, grown worldwide, and provides notes on 67 taxa, including two new species, Alternaria italica and Alfaria vitis.

Teichospora and the Teichosporaceae

A multigene analysis of a combined ITS, LSU, SSU, rpb2 and tef1 sequence data matrix was applied to infer the phylogenetic position of the genus Teichospora in the Pleosporales, revealing that Misturatosphaeria and Floricola are synonyms of Teichspora.

A novel marine genus, Halobyssothecium (Lentitheciaceae) and epitypification of Halobyssothecium obiones comb. nov.

An epitype is designated for the precise delineation of this taxon based on morphological description and DNA characterization based on LSU, SSU, ITS rDNA, and TEF1 sequence data obtained from Spartina culms in Eastney, Langstone Harbour, Hampshire, UK.

Immotthia atrograna (Dacampiaceae, Ascomycota), a new for Ukraine fungicolous fungus from the Carpathians

First records of new for Ukraine genus and species of fungicolous fungi, Immotthia atrograna (Cooke & Ellis) M.M. Hsieh and A.E. Barr are reported.

Microfungi associated with Clematis (Ranunculaceae) with an integrated approach to delimiting species boundaries

The study revealed two new families, 12 new genera, 50 new species, 26 new host records with one dimorphic character report, and ten species are transferred to other genera on Clematis.

Morpho-Phylo Taxonomy of Novel Dothideomycetous Fungi Associated With Dead Woody Twigs in Yunnan Province, China

This investigation led to the discovery of four species that are clearly distinct from extant ones in Acrocalymmaceae, and these taxonomic novelties were recognized based on morphological comparisons coupled with phylogenetic analyses of multiple gene sequences.

Highlights of the Didymellaceae: A polyphasic approach to characterise Phoma and related pleosporalean genera

The phylogenetic analysis revealed that the current Boeremaean subdivision is incorrect from an evolutionary point of view, revealing the genus Phoma to be highly polyphyletic.

Taxonomy and Phylogenetic Appraisal of Dothideomycetous Fungi Associated with Magnolia, Lilium longiflorum and Hedychium coronarium

The taxonomy of some interesting saprobic microfungi associated with dead plant materials of Hedychium coronarium, Lilium longiflorum, and Magnolia species are highlighted and newly described taxa are compared with other similar species.