Teen Dating Violence

  • Erica Kerman
  • Published 2006


Continued on page 2 Over the last several decades, dating violence has emerged as a significant public health issue. However, until recently most dating violence research has focused on adult couples or college students, not on adolescents. Evidence suggests that dating violence among high school students is more widespread than previously believed, and may have serious developmental consequences. Adolescents are especially vulnerable to this form of violence since it may interfere with two tasks that are integral to healthy social development: 1) establishing caring, meaningful relationships, and 2) developing interpersonal intimacy. Adolescents may be at even greater risk than adults for physical and psychological harm given their lack of experience, desire for independence, and reliance on support from inexperienced peers (Callahan, 2003). These factors limit their ability to respond to violence and access effective intervention. Additionally, individuals who experience dating violence during adolescence may be at increased risk for continued interpersonal violence in adulthood both as victims and/or perpetrators.

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