Tectonics of the Strandja Massif , NW Turkey : History of a Long-Lived Arc at the Northern Margin of Palaeo-Tethys

  title={Tectonics of the Strandja Massif , NW Turkey : History of a Long-Lived Arc at the Northern Margin of Palaeo-Tethys},
  author={BORIS A. NATAL’IN and G{\"U}RSEL SUNAL and Muharrem Satir and Erkan Toraman},
  • BORIS A. NATAL’IN, GÜRSEL SUNAL, +1 author Erkan Toraman
  • Published 2012
Th e Strandja Massif, Th race Peninsula, NW Turkey, forms an important link between the Balkan Zone of Bulgaria, which is usually correlated with Variscan orogen in Central Europe, and the Pontides, where Cimmerian structures are the most prominent. Th e massif is composed of a Palaeozoic basement and a Triassic metasedimentary cover. Th e basement is made of various granite gneisses, paragneisses, and schists that are intruded by large plutons of monzonitic metagranites. Detrital zircon… CONTINUE READING


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