Tectonics of the Colorado Plateau and Its Margins

  title={Tectonics of the Colorado Plateau and Its Margins},
  author={Karl E. Karlstrom and Justin T. Wilgus and Jacob O. Thacker and Brandon Schmandt and David Coblentz and Micael Albonico},
  journal={Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences},
The Cenozoic Colorado Plateau physiographic province overlies multiple Precambrian provinces. Its ∼2-km elevation rim surrounds an ∼1.6-km elevation core that is underlain by thicker crust and lithospheric mantle, with a sharp structural transition ∼100 km concentrically inboard of the physiographic boundary on all but its northeastern margin. The region was uplifted in three episodes: ∼70–50 Ma uplift above sea level driven by flat-slab subduction; ∼38–23 Ma uplift associated with voluminous…