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Tecniche enzimatiche per valutare la tossicità di acque potabilizzate

  title={Tecniche enzimatiche per valutare la tossicit{\`a} di acque potabilizzate},
  author={Laura Pozzetti and Massimiliano Broccoli and Giovanna Potenza and Donatella Canistro and Alessandra Affatato and Andrea Sapone and Alessandra Antelli and S. Vangelisti and Giorgio Cantelli Forti and Moreno Paolini and G. Ferrara and Antonia Concetta Elia and Ambrosius J. Martin Doerr and Maria Illuminata Taticchi and Luciana Mantilacci and M. Natali},

Oxidative stress induced in Hyalella azteca by an effluent from a NSAID-manufacturing plant in Mexico

The industrial effluent analyzed in the present study contains NSAIDs and NaClO, and induces oxidative stress in H. azteca.

Oxidative stress in Cyprinus carpio induced by hospital wastewater in Mexico

This particular HWW induces oxidative stress on C. carpio, this damage being most evident in gill, liver and brain, with significant increases in HPC, MDA content and PCC were observed in exposed specimens, particularly in gills, Liver and brain.