Technology probes: inspiring design for and with families

  title={Technology probes: inspiring design for and with families},
  author={H. Hutchinson and W. Mackay and B. Westerlund and B. Bederson and A. Druin and C. Plaisant and M. Beaudouin-Lafon and St{\'e}phane Conversy and Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen and Nicolas Roussel and Bj{\"o}rn Eiderb{\"a}ck},
  booktitle={CHI '03},
We describe a new method for use in the process of co-designing technologies with users called technology probes. Technology probes are simple, flexible, adaptable technologies with three interdisciplinary goals: the social science goal of understanding the needs and desires of users in a real-world setting, the engineering goal of field-testing the technology, and the design goal of inspiring users and researchers to think about new technologies. We present the results of designing and… Expand
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