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Technology for extracting total alkaloids from Herba agrimoniae.

  title={Technology for extracting total alkaloids from Herba agrimoniae.},
  author={Xian Jing-chun and C. Dan and HE Xue-yan},
  journal={Journal of Southern Agriculture},
  • Xian Jing-chun, C. Dan, HE Xue-yan
  • Published 2011
  • Chemistry
  • Journal of Southern Agriculture
  • [Objective]The optimum extraction technology was developed in order to establish practical basis for the development and utilization of Herba agrimoniae.[Method]The total alkaloids from Herba agrimoniae were extracted by using ethanol.The effects of different ethanol concentrations,temperature,extracting time and solid-solution ratios on the extraction of total alkaloid were also observed.Furthermore,an orthogonal experiment was carried out to optimize the extraction technology.[Result]The best… CONTINUE READING