Technology acquisition in Canada. Control in a regulated market.


The authors provide a detailed overview of how the national and provincial health systems of Canada exercise control over the diffusion of medical technology. In particular, they examine the diffusion of CT scanning and the adoption of non-ionic radio contrast media. While the nature of the parliamentary system theoretically allows the government, especially the executive, to exert more control over its policy agenda than in the United States, the authors believe that effective control is hampered by a lack of political will and insufficient "teeth" in the Ministry of Health's mandate and policy. The authors also conclude that the manipulation of reimbursement systems to encourage or discourage the diffusion of various medical technologies is not always effective, and that political clout often triumphs over rational decision making.

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@article{Deber1988TechnologyAI, title={Technology acquisition in Canada. Control in a regulated market.}, author={Raisa Deber and Grant G. Thompson and Peggy Leatt}, journal={International journal of technology assessment in health care}, year={1988}, volume={4 2}, pages={185-206} }