Technology Study on Saccharifying by Enzyme of Tender Bamboo

  title={Technology Study on Saccharifying by Enzyme of Tender Bamboo},
  author={Li Feng},
For imporving the additional value of tender bamboo in beverage and cider industry,the pectinase,cellulase and amylase were added to tender bamboo solution to improve the soluble solids in this paper.The result indicated the soluble solids of tender bamboo can be improved obviously through saccharifying by enmzyme.The best technoloty is: using 6 000 U/100 g cellulase,2 000 U/100 g pectinase at a temperature of 45 ℃~ 50 ℃ and pH of 4.25 to hydrolyse the bamboo juice for 50 min,followed by 2 500… CONTINUE READING