Technology Development to Explore the Relationship Between Oral Health and the Oral Microbial Community

  title={Technology Development to Explore the Relationship Between Oral Health and the Oral Microbial Community},
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The human oral cavity contains a complex microbial community that, until recently, has not been well characterized. Studies using molecular tools have begun to enumerate and quantify the species residing in various niches of the oral cavity; yet, virtually every study has revealed additional new species, and little is known about the structural dynamics of the oral microbial community or how it changes with disease. Current estimates of bacterial diversity in the oral cavity range up to 700… Expand
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  • H. Said, W. Suda, +12 authors M. Hattori
  • Biology, Medicine
  • DNA research : an international journal for rapid publication of reports on genes and genomes
  • 2014
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