Technology Development

  title={Technology Development},
  author={Ralph E. Gomory},
  pages={576 - 580}
  • R. Gomory
  • Published 6 May 1983
  • Economics
  • Science
In technology development significant advances are as often the result of a series of evolutionary steps as they are of breakthroughs. This is illustrated by the examples of the steam engine and the computer. Breakthroughs, such as the transistor, are relatively rare, and are often the result of the introduction of new knowledge coming from a quite different area. Technology development is often difficult to predict because of its complexity; practical considerations may far outweigh apparent… 
The Future of Transgenic Farm Animals
Transgenic technology with farm animals is rapidly becoming more reliable and flexible at the same time as the authors' knowledge of genes is increasing, in great part due to information from other species, which will lead to remarkably insightful findings over the next decade.
Understanding the current facts and principles of mental health system planning.
In this article, service planning principles are articulated that can guide the planning of a comprehensive community-based service system and old Planning Myths and New Planning Principles are described.
Evaluation , Description and Invention : cq Paradigms for Human-Computer I Interaction
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