Technology Adoption in the Presence of Network Externalities: A Web-Based Classroom Game

  title={Technology Adoption in the Presence of Network Externalities: A Web-Based Classroom Game},
  author={James R. Wolf and ThomasE . Portegys},
  journal={Economics Educator: Courses},
This paper describes a customizable classroom game used to demonstrate the effects of network externalities on the adoption of new technologies. The game is a web-based adaptation of Ruebeck et al.'s [Ruebeck, C. S., N. Stafford, W. Tynan, G. Alpert, Ball, B. Butkevich. 2003. Network externalities and standardization: A classroom demonstration. Southern Econom. J.69 1000--1008] network externalities game. The web-based game is freely available and can be played in a networked lab setting or via… 
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