Technologies of Protest: Insurgent Social Movements and the First Amendment in the Era of the Internet

  title={Technologies of Protest: Insurgent Social Movements and the First Amendment in the Era of the Internet},
  author={Seth F. Kreimer},
  journal={University of Pennsylvania Law Review},
  • Seth F. Kreimer
  • Published 2001
  • Political Science
  • University of Pennsylvania Law Review
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2001) (rejecting employer's claim that union passed its sites off as employer's by copying meta tags)
  • 2001
Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment
employer mobilization against unions in the late nineteenth century to show the relationship between countermovement~ and insurgent movements)
  • 1999
(reporting one company's fundraising efforts in support of the attacks on the government websites), available at LEXIS. For accounts by the protagonists, see Electronic Civil Disobedience
  • ), describing the activities of the Electronic Disturbance Theatre and Stephen Wray; and Electronic Civil Disobedieru:e and the World Wide Web af Hacktivism: A Mapping of Extraparliamentarian Direct 1lction Net Politics, Electronic Civil Disobedience
  • 1998
Web-based discussion groups, 1000+ Online Services Forums, thotL~ands of chat grou~s
  • 1998
) (describing how Otto Schily, German Interior Minister, publicly considered plans to launch "official~ denial of service attacks on for
    ) (enjoining a company \\-ith truck locator websites from using trademarked meta tags)
      ) (reporting a decision to dismiss a lawsuit against
      • John Does" who criticized a company on the Internet
      ) (reporting that ambulance and fire service company Rural/Metro dropped il'> suit against posters of allegedly libelous messages when the messages stopped)
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