Technologies and Policies for an Evolving Telecommunications Sector in China


This thesis seeks to understand several choices currently facing the Chinese telecommunications sector. It starts with a review of the general macroeconomic trends affecting China, and with a framework for understanding Chinese policy-making through the bureaucratic model. I analyze the players and their stakes in the sector, review the technological and institutional highlights of the telecommunications network, and study the prospects for foreign investment. Finally I look at various mobile technologies as ways of meeting growing demand. Several recommendations for the future of the Chinese telecommunications infrastructure are made. Thesis Supervisor: Qing Hu Title: Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering I would especially like to thank Professor Qing Hu for his support, advice, and willingness to take on this project and Richard Tabors for his direction and time at the beginning. Also, to Bjorn Wellenius and Peter Wright at the World Bank; Phuong Pham at the Department of Commerce; Alexandra Rehak and John Wang at Pyramid Research; and Su Wei Zhou at Information Gatekeepers much thanks for your time and your help. I would also like to acknowledge HT Yeh and Timothy Hou's much appreciated photocopying efforts. Finally, thanks to my family and my friends for their ideas and patience listening to me talk about my thesis all the time. Emily Yeh Cambridge, MA July 1995

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