Technological Trends in Computing

  • Grigori Sidorov, María Fernanda Rios Zacarias, Juan Carlos Herrera Lozada, Mario Aldape
  • Published 2014


A best practice is a technique or an important aspect that helps to develop Web applications more efficiently. Best practices on Web frameworks reduce the development time and effort, saving money, increasing the quality of code, enabling to create friendly and interactive applications. This paper is focused on identifying and providing according to the experiences and requirements of the users, the best practices for Web development by using Grails and Django Web frameworks. With these best practices, developers can develop more interactive and efficient Web applications, integrating features of Web 2.0 technologies with less effort as well as exploiting the framework benefits. As proof of concept we have developed a set of Web applications by using best practices as HTML5, Comet support, AJAX, ORM, extensibility, among others.

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