Technological Innovation in Cerebrovascular Accident Primary Heath Care


New technologies, headed by current medical imaging systems, are now being introduced as tools for the teaching of neurosciences, enabling quality training in different fields. In the context of medical training, brain imaging and data visualization have transformed the field, dued to the posibility of being able to actually see the human brain structure and function in normal and pathological conditions. Our aim has been to generate an Information Technology application that will permit the interaction with and visualization of the contents necessary for the management of patients who have suffered a cerebral ictus, following the strategic recommendation of the Quality Program of the Spanish National Health Service, with a view to offering support to medical practitioners in primary care. Visual C programming, directX controls and Macromedia Flash have been the main languages and applications used for developing this tool. The graphic user interface is easy to use and facilitates the interaction with the information contained by the application in a graphic fashion. Its graphic design is simple, facilitating interaction with users be mans of swift navigation through the program. Among other options, the application includes anatomical images of the cerebral vessels and radiological images obtained with different diagnostic techniques in including Magnetic Resonance. It describes the most common signs and symptoms, together with information about how to manage and treat patents with ictus. Our application is flexible and interactive, favouring active learning and the building of knowledge concerning this pathology. Implications for training professionals dealing with vascular cerebral accidents are discussed.

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