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Technological Forecasting – A Review

  title={Technological Forecasting – A Review},
  author={Ayse Kaya Firat and Stuart E. Madnick and Wei Lee Woon},
This report aims to summarize the field of technological forecasting (TF), its techniques and applications by considering the following questions: • What are the purposes of TF? • Which techniques are used for TF? • What are the strengths and weaknesses of these techniques / how do we evaluate their quality? • Do we need different TF techniques for different purposes/technologies? We also present a brief analysis of how TF is used in practice. We analyze how corporate decisions, such as… 

Technology forecasting (TF) and technology assessment (TA) methodologies: a conceptual review

It is concluded that the quest for a single strategy for doing forecast and assessment is a misconception, and researchers and practitioners must be innovative, imperative and specialised in choosing TF and TA methodologies, and cannot be programmed.

Technological Forecasting: Methodology Embrapa Brazilian Company

This study to analyze the prospect of technological scenarios in the Brazilian Agricultural Research Agency a public organization of Research, Development and Innovation, based on scenario building in its operating environment.

A Review on Technology Forecasting Methods and Their Application Area

This study investigates which technology industries have used certain TF method and identifies their relationships, which will help in understanding TF research trend and their application area.

Integrated Model for Technology Assessment and Expected Evolution: A Case Study in the Chilean Mining Industry

The aim of this study is to foster the diffusion of more reliable and systematic approaches to innovation especially in those industrial sectors where high risks and investment costs tend to favour short-term technological advances rather than long-term ones.

Journal Of Harmonized Research in Engineering 3 ( 1 ) , 2015 , 0104 FORECASTING OF SPARE PARTS INVENTORY BY EXPONENTIAL METHOD

Introduction Demand forecasting involves techniques including both informal methods, such as educated guesses, and quantitative methods, such as the use of historical sales data or current data from

A decision support model to assess technological paradigms

A model that estimates the success probability of innovative products as a function of design actions is proposed, based on a database of past successful and unsuccessful innovations, which is used to build a logistic regression model, whose evidences can assist both designers and managers.

A framework for identifying and evaluating technologies of interest for effective business strategy: Using text analytics to augment technology forecasting

It is argued for the position that unstructured text provides a rich source of data that can be used for forecasting emerging technologies and a framework is developed to leverage the capabilities of text anaytics techniques to augment methods used for technology forecasting.

Emerging Technology Forecasting Using New Patent Information Analysis

This research combines statistical inference and neural networks to construct a model for new patent information analysis, using the International Patent Classification codes from the patent documents of a target technology as the target technology to construct an emerging technology forecasting model.

A Study on Technological Forecasting for Promising Alternative Technologies Using Fisher-Pry Modification Model

In the global market competition, countries and businesses are actively engaged in technology prediction activities to maximize their profits by attempting to enter and preempting the core technology



Technological forecasting: who does it and how useful is it?

Technology futures analysis: Toward integration of the field and new methods

Technology Forecasting Using Data Mining and Semantics: First Annual Report

A novel framework for supporting the development of well-informed research policies and plans based on the use of bibliometrics, allowing the growth potentials of subordinate technologies to be aggregated into the overall potential of larger technology categories.

On the Future of Technological Forecasting


Counting research and development publication and patent activity can help generate competitive technical intelligence. Combining such counts with content analyses oriented toward “innovation success

Technology Foresight in Companies: From an Indicator to a Network and Process Perspective

  • G. Reger
  • Business
    Technol. Anal. Strateg. Manag.
  • 2001
In the third generation, technology foresight is an integrated part of strategic management, process-oriented, need- and value-driven and network-dominated and although this model represents practices in companies, not all elements are included in one firm.

The methodological worth of the Delphi forecasting technique