Technical modification for correction of aortic coarctation using hypoplastic arch.


OBJECTIVES To study technical feasibility and early results of the technical modification suggested by Caliani et al. for correction of aortic coarctation and aortic arc. METHODS Between January 2005 and July 2006, nine newborn patients with aortic coarctation and significant aortic hypoplasia were selected, and underwent a new surgical approach in order to correct this aortic defect. The definition of aortic arch hypoplasia according to Moulaert's criteria is an aortic arch with a diameter that is less than 50% of the diameter of the ascending aorta. In this study, only patients with proximal and distal aortic hypoplasia were selected. Many techniques were previously used, but significant residual gradients were observed, as well as the incovenience of definitive occlusion of the left subclavian artery. The aim of this study is to describe a new surgical technique that includes left posterolateral thoracotomy, wide mobilization of descending aorta with occlusion of the first two intercostal branches, transection of the left subclavian artery at its base, wide resection of the hypoplastic area and the surrounding regions of the ductus arteriosus; end-to-end anastomosis between the aortic arch and descending aorta, with 7-0 PDS thread and reimplantation of the subclavian artery into the left carotid artery with side-to-end anastomosis. RESULTS There were no perioperative or late deaths. The mean residual gradient was 5 mmHg. Up to now, there were no cases of recoarctation or medullary neurological lesions. CONCLUSION Despite the small number of cases and the short follow-up, this technique modification may be an excellent option for the treatment of this complex situation.

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