Technical indicators of economic performance in dairy sheep farming.

  title={Technical indicators of economic performance in dairy sheep farming.},
  author={Alexandros Theodoridis and Athanasios Ragkos and D Roustemis and Georgios Arsenos and Zaphiris Abas and Efthymios Sinapis},
  journal={Animal : an international journal of animal bioscience},
  volume={8 1},
In this study, the level of technical efficiency of 58 sheep farms rearing the Chios breed in Greece was measured through the application of the stochastic frontier analysis method. A Translog stochastic frontier production function was estimated using farm accounting data of Chios sheep farms and the impact of various socio-demographic and biophysical factors on the estimated efficiency of the farms was evaluated. The farms were classified into efficiency groups on the basis of the estimated… CONTINUE READING