Technical fairy first class? Is this any way to Run an Army?: Private Snafu and World War Ii

  title={Technical fairy first class? Is this any way to Run an Army?: Private Snafu and World War Ii},
  author={M. Birdwell},
  journal={Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television},
  pages={203 - 212}
  • M. Birdwell
  • Published 2005
  • Political Science
  • Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television
  • After the United States declared war on the Axis Powers in December 1941, the US Armed Services faced a series of strategic problems from service and supply to the difficulties inherent in fighting a two-front war. Thousands of eager young men joined the military out of a heightened sense of patriotic duty after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and thousands more dutifully responded to the draft, but the rapid swelling of the ranks of the American armed forces created its own distinctive set of… CONTINUE READING
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    Among the training films seen by the general public were Safeguarding Military Secrets (1942) and Wings Up, which featured Clark Gable as he made his transition from screen hero to soldier
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