Technical and economic characteristics of processes for water detritiation by chemical isotope exchange in the water-hydrogen system

  title={Technical and economic characteristics of processes for water detritiation by chemical isotope exchange in the water-hydrogen system},
  author={A. I. Kostylev and I. S. Ledovskoi and Eldar P. Magomedbekov and Michael B. Rozenkevich and Yu.A. Sakharovsky and I. L. Selivanenko and A. I. Sobolev and S. N. Florya},
To solve the problem of light-water waste ditritiation, comparative calculations were performed for the two-temperature and one-temperature installations whose operation is based on chemical isotope exchange between hydrogen and water. The two-temperature installation ensures lower power consumption, but exceeds the one-temperature installation in size by an order of magnitude and more. A scheme of a combined installation was suggested, involving the fractional vacuum distillation of water in… Expand
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