Technical and Computational Aspects of the Measurement of Aggregate Shape by Digital Image Analysis

  title={Technical and Computational Aspects of the Measurement of Aggregate Shape by Digital Image Analysis},
  author={Norbert H. Maerz},
  journal={Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering},
  • N. Maerz
  • Published 2004
  • Business
  • Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering
Aggregates need to pass numerous tests to ensure the performance of asphalt and concrete structures and pavements. Some of these tests are fairly onerous, requiring manual, labor intensive, cost ineffective measurements that do not provide significant statistical validity, and are prone to errors through ignorance, negligence, or even in some cases through deliberate misrepresentation. This paper presents a vision based alternative to measure the shape of aggregate particles. The system… 

Analysis of Aggregates By Image Processing Using Matlab

Aggregates need to pass numerous tests to ensure the performance of concrete structures and pavements. Some of these tests are requiring manual, labour intensive, cost ineffective measurements that

Measurement of Aggregate Size and Shape Using Image Analysis

Two-dimensional image analysis of aggregate gives a relative idea of aggregate properties in a more accurate manner as compared to the procedure suggested in Indian standards.

Characterization of aggregate shape properties using a computer automated system

Characterization of Aggregate Shape Properties Using a Computer Automated System. (December 2004) Taleb Mustafa Al Rousan, B.S., Jordan University of Science and Technology; M.S., Jordan University

A mathematical morphology approach to image based 3D particle shape analysis

An innovative and efficient approach to the determination of particle angularity using image analysis using the direct use of three-dimensional data offers a more robust solution than the two-dimensional methods proposed previously.

CT Image Entropy Analysis Technique for the Determination of Damage to Indirect Tensile Test of Asphalt Mixtures

This study identifies how the microstructure system of asphalt mixture is influenced by moisture and the Indirect Tensile Test (IDT) using digital image analysis methods. Concepts such as digital

Research on Intelligent Recognition Technology of Aggregate Parameters of Loose Asphalt Mixture Based on Image Processing Technology

Accurate acquisition of aggregate characteristics (shape, size and spatial position) is the basis for indepth analysis of asphalt mixture grading, uniformity and surface texture. This paper proposes

Determination of Aggregate Shape Properties Using X-ray Tomographic Methods and the Effect of Shape on Concrete Rheology

The shape of aggregate particles can significantly influence certain properties of concrete, both in its fresh and hardened states. Therefore, there is a need to be able to completely characterize



Determination of Volume of Aggregates: New Image-Analysis Approach

The importance of using quality aggregates with specific gradation and shape properties in asphalt concrete has been recognized by the Strategic Highway Research Program under a set of developed

Three-Dimensional Image Analysis of Aggregate Particles from Orthogonal Projections

Digital image analysis provides the capability for rapid measurement of particle characteristics. When an image is captured and digitized, numerous measurements can be made in near real time for each

Precisions of Flat and Elongated Particle Tests ASTM D4791 and VDG-40 Videograder

The design procedures for Superpave and stone-matrix asphalt mixtures emphasize the importance of aggregate shape. The current test procedure for characterization of aggregate shape, ASTM D4791,

Morphological Study of Coarse Aggregates Using Image Analysis

A newly developed digital image-analysis method was used to characterize the morphological characteristics of coarse aggregates. Regression analyses found that the imaging morphological

Correlation of Fine Aggregate Imaging Shape Indices with Asphalt Mixture Performance

This study addresses the relationship between fine aggregate shape properties and the performance of hot-mix asphalt. Aggregate shape was expressed as three independent properties: form, angularity,

American Society for Testing and Materials

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an independent organization devoted to the development of standards.

Precision of ASTM D 5821 standard test method for determining the percentage of fractured particles in coarse aggregate

An interlaboratory study was conducted to develop a precision statement for ASTM D 5821-95, Standard Test Method for Determining the Percentage of Fractured Particles in Coarse Aggregate. The