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Technical Note Parametric study on offshore jacket launching

  title={Technical Note Parametric study on offshore jacket launching},
  author={C. Jo and K. Kim and S. Lee},
Platform structures are commonly utilized for various purposes including offshore drilling, processing and support of offshore operations. Jacket type structures are attractive in relatively shallow water regions. A jacket is a supporting structure for deck facilities stabilized by leg piles through the seabed. The size of a jacket is dependent on deck size, pile dimensions and environmental loads. In a jacket design, operational and environmental loads are very important and must be… Expand


Scale effects on a unique launch sequence of a gravity-based structure
Abstract There are many different techniques that are used in launching an offshore structure. The suitability of these techniques depends on the type and size of the offshore structure built on theExpand
Construction of offshore structures
Physical Environmental Aspects of Offshore Construction Geotechnical Aspects: Seafloor Soils Protection of the Natural and Built Environment: Constraints on Construction Materials and FabricationExpand