Technetium-99m labelling of bis-oxime ligands.


The synthesis and labelling of a new bis-amide-oxime ligand E,E-2,9-bis(hydroxyimino)-4,7-diaza 5,6-dioxodecane (AdO) with 99mTc has been achieved. Protein binding, partition coefficient and tissue distribution of this complex and two related bis-amine-oxime ligands is reported. The biodistribution of the complexes are disappointing with only limited brain… (More)


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@article{Jackson1994Technetium99mLO, title={Technetium-99m labelling of bis-oxime ligands.}, author={Graham E. Jackson and Mary Jane Byrne and H Fakier and Roger W. Hunter and Mike Woudenberg}, journal={Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine}, year={1994}, volume={45 5}, pages={581-6} }