Technetium-99m MAG-3 clearances after captopril in experimental renovascular hypertension.


Rats with one kidney clamped (2K1C), both kidneys clamped (2K2C), unilaterally nephrectomized with remaining kidney clamped (1K1C), and normals, were studied using 99mTc mercaptoacetyltriglycine ([ 99mTc]MAG-3) and 131I orthoiodohippurate ([131I]OIH). Clearances of [99mTc]MAG-3 and [131I]OIH were performed after constricted rats became hypertensive. Clearances were repeated after i.v. Captopril. Clearances of [99mTc]MAG-3 and [131I]OIH in normals didn't change significantly after Captopril. Clearances of [99mTc]MAG-3 and [131I]OIH decreased insignificantly after Captopril in the 2K2C model. in the 2K1C group, normal kidney clearance increased ([99mTc]MAG-3 p less than 0.01 and [131I]OIH p less than 0.025) and clamped kidney clearance decreased after inhibition ([99mTc]MAG-3, p less than 0.01, [131I]OIH p less than 0.02). Clearances increased in the 1K1C group after Captopril ([99mTc]MAG-3 p less than 0.0025 and [131I]OIH, p less than 0.001). The ratio of [99mTc]MAG-3 to [131I]OIH before Captopril was 0.81 and 0.84 after Captopril. Changes in renal function after Captopril depend on the model of renovascular hypertension and possibly the dose administered. Technetium-99m MAG-3 clearance parallels [131I]orthoiodohippurate in renovascular hypertension.


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