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  journal={The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit},
  • Anne E. McMills
  • Published 20 August 2021
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An analysis of the principal causes of motor failure in the M2A2 Motor Drive, together with recommended corrective procedures. 

Dynamical Characteristics of Electromechanical Energy Dissipation due to Translatory Motion: A Minimal Example

Electromechanical systems cover a broad technological range of application. Typical examples are electrical machines, eddy current brakes, or different types of actors and sensors. Their dynamical

New solutions for controlled compensating devices

The results of experimental studies of a new device for automatic power control of capacitor banks can be stated that it fully meets the requirements.

Design of TID controller based on firefly algorithm for controlling the speed of a D.C. Motor

Investigation of implementation of tilt integral derivative controller for controlling the speed of a D.C. Motor using meta heuristic nature inspired algorithm named by firefly algorithm (FA) reveals the advantage of TID over conventional PID and FOPID in terms of reduced settling time and performance indices.

Design automation and performance analysis of modular reconfigurable attitude control systems

This PhD thesis analyses and evaluates the scalability and performance of different concepts of attitude control systems for modular satellites and generates knowledge about the design of modular space systems with focus on attitude control.

Diagnosis of a ferroresonance type through visualisation

The paper is focused on presenting the possible enhancements in visualisation of the ferroresonance phenomenon. The investigations have been performed with the usage of overcurrent/overvoltage

Supercapacitor fractional model − DAQ-based measurements of frequency characteristics and error computation

The study concerns the modelling of a supercapacitor. The frequency characteristics are selected as the measurement basis for the study. The characteristics are obtained through a measurement setup

Life and Failure of Aircraft Wheels – A Review

Aircraft wheels mounted with tires support the entire weight of an aircraft during ground operations and landing. Very stringent demands are placed on performance and reliability of landing gear

Increasing the energy efficiency of an enterprise by point compensating of power quality distortions

The method presented in the article offers point compensation of distortions in the power quality indicators of electric energy using compensating devices, and was compared with the classical ones according to the criterion of the ratio of implementation costs to the effect of its application.

High-resolution conversion electron spectroscopy of the I125 electron-capture decay

This research was made possible by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP140103317. J.T.H.D. acknowledges support of the Australian Government Research Training Program.



Argoverse: 3D Tracking and Forecasting With Rich Maps

Argoverse includes sensor data collected by a fleet of autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh and Miami as well as 3D tracking annotations, 300k extracted interesting vehicle trajectories, and rich semantic maps, which contain rich geometric and semantic metadata which are not currently available in any public dataset.

Argoverse 2: Next Generation Datasets for Self-Driving Perception and Forecasting

The Argoverse 2 (AV2) — a collection of three datasets for perception and forecasting research in the self-driving domain that supports self-supervised learning and the emerging task of point cloud forecasting is introduced.

Trust, but Verify: Cross-Modality Fusion for HD Map Change Detection

Perhaps surprisingly, it is shown that learning-based formulations for solving the high-definition map change detection problem in the bird’s eye view and ego-view can generalize to real world distributions.

MSeg: A Composite Dataset for Multi-Domain Semantic Segmentation

This work adopts zero-shot cross-dataset transfer as a benchmark to systematically evaluate a model’s robustness and shows that MSeg training yields substantially more robust models in comparison to training on individual datasets or naive mixing of datasets without the presented contributions.

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    consulted for additional information on the operation and construction of hybrid circuits

      Topic: Deep Directed Lane Polyline Estimation Using Attraction Fields

        Race Course Road

          Topic: The Argoverse 3d Lane Estimation Benchmark Ph.D. Students

            Topic: End-to-End 3d Object Tracking