Teat massage after milk ingestion in domestic piglets: an example of honest begging?

  title={Teat massage after milk ingestion in domestic piglets: an example of honest begging?},
  author={Per Jensen and Maria Gustafsson and Hanna Augustsson},
  journal={Animal Behaviour},
After milk ejection, piglets spend several minutes massaging their own teats on the sow. We examined whether this behaviour could be a mammalian counterpart to begging in young birds, and hence be explained by theories of honest begging. In one experiment, the behaviour of piglets was examined in relation to their previous milk intake. In each of 16 litters, one focal piglet was exposed to three treatments for three consecutive sucklings: 'no milk', where the piglet was withheld from the teat… 
Begging for milk: evolution of teat massaging in suckling pigs.
It is shown that the selection regime with the strongest between-litter selection component leads to lowest begging levels and most effective milk utilization, thus supporting the hypothesis that selection based on whole litters may attenuate sibling competition.
Effect of Afterstimulation on Milk Yield and Fat Composition in Beef Cattle: A Form of Honest Begging?
Nine suckling calves were allowed to afterstimulate their dams at three levels, ad libitum , for 3 min or none, at each suckling meal twice daily in a repeated 3 2 3 Latin square experimental design, and the relationship between levels of AS and milk yield was a second-degree polynomial.
Udder preference in wild boar piglets
It is suggested that the choice of rear udders in the wild boar may be related to the advantages of suckling at places offering higher protection from low temperatures and from predators, in contrast to domestic pigs, for which crushing is the main cause of mortality.
Studies on restricted suckling in dual purpose and dairy breed cattle in Mexico
Investigation of rearing calves by restricted suckling in dual purpose and dairy breed cattle in Mexico indicates that RS is economically viable for the farmer as once daily milking combined with twice daily suckling considerably increased the saleable and total milk yield of Zebu crossbred cows and improved animal well-being.
Effect of teat order on piglet rearing results of native Złotnicka White breed
It was found that teat location exerted influence on the mass, body weight gain and death of the experimental piglets, and piglets' mortality was the greatest when the animals suckled from teats situated at the rear part of the sow body.
Vocal Communication in Pigs: Who are Nursing Piglets Screaming at?
Results suggest that vocalizations during competition among nursing piglets function mainly as a signal to the sow that some piglets are being excluded from the current nursing episode.