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Tearing and forming : a conceptual history of clouds

  title={Tearing and forming : a conceptual history of clouds},
  author={P. Newell},
This thesis thinks deeply about what clouds mean to us, first through the identification of a paradigmatic ‘cloud concept’ that is brought into play by economists and engineers of the cloud computing industries, before moving to identify the historical interlocutors of this cloud concept within art, literature, poetry, theory and theatre and performance. The cloud computing industries are contributors to greenhouse gases, responsible for at least 2% of carbon emissions. The service-oriented… Expand


Regulating the Cloud: Policy for Computing Infrastructure
The emergence of cloud computing marks the moment when computing has become, materially and symbolically, infrastructure -- a sociotechnical system that is ubiquitous, essential, and foundational.Expand
What could a message mean to a cloud? Kalidasa travels West
This article concerns the issue of cultural re-framing of a work from a distant time and place. I look at two translations of Kalidasa's poem Meghaduta, “The Cloud Messenger.” The first, published byExpand
Cloud computing
The time is right for the members of the emerging cloud computing community to come together around the notion of an open cloud, and these core principles are rooted in the belief that cloud computing should be as open as all other IT technologies. Expand
The Truth of Spectacle: A Meditation on Clouds
The title of this paper might have been "Of Truth of Clouds," as Ruskin entitled one of the sections in his Modern Painters. But that would be to put the emphasis on romantic representation of cloudExpand
The Spectacle of Clouds, 1439-1650: Italian Art and Theatre
Contents: Introduction Cloud machinery: a heritage from the Middle Ages Designing paradise: Brunelleschi, Leonardo, and Vasari Platform clouds vs bubble clouds: Raphael vs Correggio Court theatre inExpand
From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism
In From Counterculture to Cyberculture Fred Turner details the previously untold story of a highly influential group of San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneurs: Stewart Brand and the Whole EarthExpand
Romantic Things: A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud
Our thoughts are shaped as much by what things make of us as by what we make of them. In Romantic Things, Mary Jacobus explores the world of objects and phenomena in nature as expressed in RomanticExpand
The “Cholera Cloud” in the Nineteenth-Century “British World”: History of an Object-Without-an-Essence
  • P. Mukharji
  • History, Medicine
  • Bulletin of the history of medicine
  • 2012
It is demonstrated how global cholera pandemics in the nineteenth century produced globalized objects in which a near-universal recognizability and an utterly context-specific set of meanings, visions, and realities could ironically cohabit. Expand
The Wrath of Capital: Neoliberalism and Climate Change Politics
universal coverage was impossible: the Cambridge gardens aspired only to be ‘tolerably illustrative’ of tropical plants (p. 123). There is, however, less on the plants themselves; work remains to beExpand
Systems of Information: The Long View
A critical bibliographic survey of histories—outside the well-trodden paths of library and information-science history—that have foregrounded, or made reference to, a wide variety of systems of information. Expand