Team Performance in Agile Development Teams: Findings from 18 Focus Groups

  title={Team Performance in Agile Development Teams: Findings from 18 Focus Groups},
  author={Torgeir Dings{\o}yr and Yngve Lindsj{\o}rn},
How to make teams perform well is increasingly important in software development, as agile development methods prescribe development in small teams. Team performance has been studied in a number of research fields, and there are many models of what enables team performance. A central question then is how relevant these models are for agile development teams. This article investigates the following research question: What factors do agile software practitioners perceive to influence effective… 

How do software developers experience team performance in lean and agile environments?

This paper aims to understand how software developers experience performance in a highly volatile environment, and could be used as a basis for guiding formation and maintenance of high-performing teams.

Using Qualitative System Dynamics in the Development of an Agile Teamwork Productivity Model

Improvement in agile software development will not be achieved without considering that there is a large number of factors affecting agile teamwork productivity. The objective of this study is to

Analyse Agile Software Development Teamwork Productivity using Qualitative System Dynamics Approach

A highly productive team throughout an agile software development process is very instrumental in achieving project success. This research presents a system dynamics (SD) based approach to model

Whole Team Thinking and Success Factors in Large Scale Agile Development - An Exploratory Case Study

Agile software development has been the preferred method since it was introduced as a software development method in 2001. It was originally intended for small co-located teams but in later years it

Performance Alignment Work Fagerholm

Context: Companies increasingly strive to adapt to market and ecosystem changes in real time. Gauging and understanding team performance in such changing environments present a major challenge.

Improving the Organization Technology competitiveness through Effective Management of Conflict-Risk within Agile Teams

Whenever, teams get together to work towards a common goal, conflict risk is always inherent. This applies to Agile development teams as well. Some researchers even argue it as necessary for project

Agile Project Management

The circumstances behind the change from traditional management with its focus on direct supervision and standardization of work processes, to the newer, agile focus on self-managing teams are explained, including its opportunities and benefits, but also its complexity and challenges.

A Novel Team Productivity Model for XP Teams

The proposed model is developed based on the most influential features affecting team productivity and evaluated and gained enough acceptance and shows the most effective XP practices that positively impact team productivity in XP projects.



Challenges to Teamwork: A Multiple Case Study of Two Agile Teams

Practical suggestions for teamwork in agile software development are provided that intend to overcome problems and strengthen team orientation and team learning in order to achieve effective agile teams.

Putting Agile Teamwork to the Test - An Preliminary Instrument for Empirically Assessing and Improving Agile Software Development

An instrument is presented that is argued addresses key concerns and characteristics of teamwork, and presents them along five dimensions that must be addressed when improving teamwork in agile software development.

Job Satisfaction and Motivation in a Large Agile Team

It is shown, through the analysis of semi structured interviews with software developers and business representatives, that large teams continuously adapting the SCRUM methodology are able to ensure these empowering factors, and thus ensure a staff of motivated and satisfied software developers.

The Social Nature of Agile Teams

An understanding of how social identity and collective effort are supported by agile methods is supported.

A teamwork model for understanding an agile team: A case study of a Scrum project

Empirical studies of agile software development: A systematic review

Challenges of shared decision-making: A multiple case study of agile software development

Investigating Daily Team Meetings in Agile Software Projects

  • V. StrayN. B. MoeA. Aurum
  • Computer Science
    2012 38th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications
  • 2012
The results indicate that many project decisions are made in daily team meetings and that this quick decision making requires team members to be experts.

Scrum and Team Effectiveness: Theory and Practice

The elements of Scrum are discussed in relation to a proposed theory of the “big five” components for effectiveness in small teams for effective management of software projects.