Team-Building Tools for Students

  title={Team-Building Tools for Students},
  author={Diana Page and Joseph G. Donelan},
  journal={Journal of Education for Business},
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Abstract In this article, the authors describe why college students need good teamwork skills, how instructors can encourage students to develop those skills, and how team projects can be designed to improve teamwork skills. An action plan and team-building tools are provided. 
Improving Student Teamwork in a Collaborative Project-Based Course
While collaborative student projects can be effective in improving student learning, the failure of students to work together effectively remains a widely reported problem in collaborative learning.
Teamwork Through Team Building: Face-to-Face to Online
This article describes the ways the authors incorporated team-building activities into our online business writing courses by interrogating the ways that kinesthetic learning translates into the
Benefits and Problems With Student Teams: Suggestions for Improving Team Projects
Business school faculty have been placing students into teams for group projects for many years, with mixed results. Obvious benefits accrue in using teams, but so do numerous problems. One of the
Work in progress: preliminary analysis of developing team building skills in community college students
"Ability to function in teams", "good team building skills", "teamwork", are all now common phrases in the classifieds. It is increasingly important in society today, both in social and work
Using Thinklets to Support the Team Work in Novice Software Teams
This technical report presents in detail a set of ThinkLets that can be used to improve teamwork in computer science students teams. The ThinkLets reported here are focused on dealing with the three
Developing team skills using a program-embedded team assessment process
Although industry and academia alike place high value on teamwork, how do we actually develop and assess those skills in our students and ourselves? How do we evaluate whether our efforts have had a
Team Work in Higher Education : An Exploratory Study in an UAE University
Teamwork is perhaps the key to organizational learning, productivity and growth. Why do some teams succeed in achieving these, while others falter at different stages? Building teams in higher
Building Bridges Between Education And Engineering Programs: An Example Of A Successful Planning Process
Three Engineering faculty members and three School of Education faculty members at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (UWP) have teamed up to introduce engineering fundamentals to pre-service
Dealing with Student Group Project Traumas: Teaching Students Recognition, Responsibility, and Resolution of Group Project Problems
Marketing faculty frequently use group projects in their courses to provide students the opportunity to learn to work with others effectively to solve marketing problems. Unfortunately, these
A positive student experience of collaborative project work in upper-year undergraduate chemistry
Demands are placed on undergraduate courses in chemistry to develop transferable skills, such as teamwork, alongside subject content and technical skills. Such skills can be developed by implementing


An Anticipatory Case for Managing Teams and Team Projects
Accounting faculty can address problems associated with team development and group activities by using an anticipatory case exercise at the beginning of the course. The anticipatory case is a
Groups That Work (and Those That Don't)Groups That Work (and Those That Don't) by Hackman Richard. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1991, 512 pp.
This article presents a review of the book “Groups That Work (And Those That Don't),” by Richard Hackman.
Stages of Small-Group Development Revisited
The purpose of this review was to examine published research on small-group development done in the last ten years that would constitute an empirical test of Tuckman's (1965) hypothesis that groups
AICPA standard aids in detecting risk factors for fraud. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
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    Healthcare financial management : journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • 1999
Financial managers should discuss thoroughly with auditors the scope and focus of an audit as a means to further their compliance efforts, and help detect and document risk factors related to potential fraud.