Teaching to transgress

  title={Teaching to transgress},
  author={Bell Hooks},
"We don't really talk about them" Finnish art teachers’ beliefs, attitudes and views regarding Sámi culture in a postcolonial framework
My master's thesis aims to problematise the situation where Finland is seen simultaneously as a country whose education system is praised internationally, but which still often neglects its
‘It just opened my eyes a bit more’: student engagement with Instagram to develop understanding of complex concepts
  • M. Sakr
  • Education
    Teaching in Higher Education
  • 2019
ABSTRACT How can we make use of image-based social media to develop students’ critical engagement with concepts like equality and diversity? In this paper, I draw on bell hooks’ description of
Faculty members engaging in transformative PETE: a feminist perspective
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to describe sport pedagogy faculty members’ (FMs) efforts at engaging in transformative physical education teacher education (T-PETE). T-PETE stresses the
From Critical Education to An Embodied Pedagogy of Hope: Seeking a Liberatory Praxis with Black, Working Class Girls in the Neoliberal 16–19 College
Abstract In this article I present a discussion about the purpose of education of, for and with black, working class, young women within an inner-London, twenty-first century college, and explore the
Curriculum as colour and curves: a synthesis of Black theory, design and creativity realised as critical curriculum writing
ABSTRACT This article looks to three inspirational Black women, bell hooks, Stacey McBride-Irby and Patricia Williams, in the pursuit of radical curriculum. While today curriculum is critiqued as
The need for me to undertake a genealogy of education policy arose from my experience as a senior lecturer in social work teaching a diverse cohort of students. I intended to understand how the
Visualizing Caribbean Performance (Jamaican Dancehall and Trinidadian Carnival) as Praxis: An Autohistoria of KiKi’s Journey
ABSTRACT I discuss my journey in the construction, pedagogy, and philosophy of the dance technique CaribFunk™. CaribFunk fuses Afro-Caribbean (traditional and social dance), classical ballet, modern,