Teaching the nations how to play: sport and society in the British empire and commonwealth

  title={Teaching the nations how to play: sport and society in the British empire and commonwealth},
  author={Harold James Perkin},
  journal={International Journal of The History of Sport},
  • H. Perkin
  • Published 1 September 1989
  • Education
  • International Journal of The History of Sport
(1989). Teaching the nations how to play: sport and society in the British empire and commonwealth. The International Journal of the History of Sport: Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 145-155. 

Sport and politics in Palestine, 1918–48: Football as a mirror reflecting the relations between Jews and Britons

The period reviewed in this article (1918–48) is divided into different sub-periods, each characterized by changes relating to the political reality in the Palestine and a specific set of sporting

The right kind of fellows: Nigerian football tourists as agents of Europeanization

(1994). The right kind of fellows: Nigerian football tourists as agents of Europeanization. The International Journal of the History of Sport: Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 191-211.

Football and Colonialism, Domination and Appropriation: the Mozambican Case[1]

This essay deals with the relationship between football and colonialism, examining the period when Mozambique was a Portuguese colony. An analysis of a glossary of local terms (in the Ronga language


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Schools, Sport and Britishness: Young White Natal, 1902–1961

  • P. Thompson
  • History
    Suid-Afrikaanse historiese joernaal
  • 2001
The purpose of this article is to elucidate the formal education of white youth in the British colony and later South African province of Natal from the end of the South African War to the

Acting global, thinking local: ‘Liquid imperialism’ and the multiple meanings of the 1954 British Empire & Commonwealth Games

Challenging earlier scholarship that has suggested that the Commonwealth Games contributed unproblematically to imperial and commonwealth unity, this article explores the multiple, and conflicting,

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The origins, governance and social structure of club cross country running in Scotland, 1885-1914

The study examines a particular aspect of the development of athletics in Scotland. The first organised clubs for the sole purpose of purely athletic competition in the contemporary sense, were cross



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Acknowledgements - Preface - Prologue: Whatever happened to the People's Game? - PART 1 PEOPLE ON THE INSIDE - Victorian Values: Clubs and Managers - Feet of Clay Players - Fanatics - PART 2 OUTSIDE

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Preface to the first edition Introduction to the new edition Part I. The Setting: 1. The Janus face of modern English culture 2. Victorial society: accommodation and absorption Part II. A World View:

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1. Early ventures overseas 2. British North America in the Eighteenth century 3. The East India company 1600-1833 4. The South Seas: Convicts: Slaves 5. War, Trade and Philanthropy, 1793-1833 6. The

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It has been said that the British Empire, on which the sun never set, meant little to the man in the street. Apart from the jingoist eruptions at the death of Gordon or the relief of Mafeking he

The Guinness book of cricket facts and feats

A fourth edition of a cricket reference, previously published in 1991, which provides records, facts and figures from cricketing history. Covers Brian Lara's record breaking months, Test series