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Teaching the Design of Parallel Manipulators and Their Controllers Implementing MATLAB, Simulink, SimMechanics and CAD*

  title={Teaching the Design of Parallel Manipulators and Their Controllers Implementing MATLAB, Simulink, SimMechanics and CAD*},
  author={N. S. Tlale and P. Zhang},
The teaching of parallel mechanisms and their controllers is a difficult task because of the complex mathematics that must be solved for the direct and indirect kinematics problems. In order to help students understand the kinematics and the dynamics of parallel manipulators and their controllers, we have designed a final-year robotics course based on MATLAB, Simulink and SimMechanics. Students are given specifications of the parallel manipulator that they must design, such as parameters of the… 
Model-based motion simulation of delta parallel robot
For a parallel configuration of a robot manipulator, the solution of Forward Kinematics (FK) is tough compared to Inverse Kinematics (IK). This paper presents the model-based motion planning of a
Dynamic simulation of the CAD model in SimMechanics with multiple uses
The obtained simulation results for both models are similar, which confirms the proposed approach, and the advantages of using this approach are shown.
Grasp analysis of a four-fingered robotic hand based on Matlab simmechanics
The analysis of the four-fingered robotic hand is carried out where the tendon wires and a spring return mechanism is used for the flexion and extension motion of the fingers, respectively.
Dynamic Simulation of a KUKA KR5 Industrial Robot using MATLAB SimMechanics
A method for the dynamic simulation of a KUKA KR5 industrial robot using MATLAB SimMechanics using Autodesk Inventor to develop CAD model of KUK a KR5 robot parts and its assembly and results were verified.
Dynamic Simulation of a KUKA KR 5 Industrial Robot using MATLAB
The paper discusses a method for the dynamic simulation of a KUKA KR5 industrial robot using MATLAB SimMechanics. As it is difficult to model complicated 3D objects directly in SimMechanics
Simulation Tool for Analyzing the Kinetostatic Effects of Singularities in Parallel Robots
This paper presents an educational simulation tool to help students to understand how singularities affect the control of the robot by means of the visualization of four velocity and force ellipsoids that degenerate when the robot crosses a singularity.


Parallel Robots
This book presents a complete synthesis of the latest results on the possible mechanical architectures, analysis and synthesis of this type of mechanism, Parallel robots, which are becoming increasingly popular in the field of machine-tool industry.
On the optimum design of Stewart platform type parallel manipulators
This paper studies the static rigidity behaviour of a parallel manipulator with legs modelled as elastic members under axial loading and proposes the concept of the flexibility ellipsoid for a parallel system.
Stiffness Modeling of a Stewart Platform Based Milling Machine
This paper presents the development of a mathematical model describing the stiffness of a Stewartplatform-based milling machine. Matrix structural analysis is used to derive the stiffness matrix for
On the Isotropic Design of General Six-Degree-of-Freedom Parallel Manipulators
This paper studies the optimum kinematic design of general six-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) parallel manipulators, through the minimization of the condition number of their Jacobian matrices.
Optimization of the inertial and acceleration characteristics of manipulators
  • O. Khatib, A. Bowling
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 1996
The study of inertial and acceleration properties have provided separate descriptions of the characteristics associated with linear and angular motions, which allows a more physically meaningful interpretation of these properties and provides simple models for their analysis.
On the infinitesimal motion of a parallel manipulator in singular configurations
  • J. Merlet
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings 1992 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 1992
The author considers a specific parallel manipulator and determines the features of the infinitesimal motions associated with each of the singular configurations. It is shown that every singular
On the accuracy of a Stewart platform. II. Kinematic calibration and compensation
An effective algorithm for the identification of the kinematic parameters of a Stewart platform is presented and verified through simulations, which showed that the platform pose error was reduced by at least one order of magnitude.
Singularity analysis of closed-loop kinematic chains
The different kinds of singularities encountered in closed-loop kinematics chains are analyzed. A general classification of these singularities in three main groups, which is based on the properties
Manipulator Configurations Based on Rotary-Linear (R-L) Actuators and Their Direct and Inverse Kinematics
Conception d'un actionneur permettant un mouvement de translation et de rotation combinees. Application a un manipulateur. Problemes cinematiques directs et inverses