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Teaching oral English

  title={Teaching oral English},
  author={Donn Byrne},
The Effect of Eliciting Tasks on Listening Comprehension among Iranian Pre-Intermediate EFL Learners
This study investigated the effects of eliciting tasks on listening comprehension among Iranian pre-intermediate English as a foreign language (EFL) learners. To do the current study, 30 participants
Teaching Speaking Through Substitution Drill Technique
This study presents the description how to teach speaking  through substitution drill technique. It uses qualitative description method. Speaking is as one of productive skills that needs to be
Constraints Encountered In Group Work in Teaching English Language at Adea Model Secondary School: Grade Nine in Focus
The results of the study revealed that both students and teachers perceive group work positively, and teachers were noticed giving more emphasis for grammar than group work.
Examination of Speaking Skills of 60-72 Month Old Children
ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Received 18.02.2021 The aim of the study is to determine the speaking skill levels of children between the ages of 60-72 months. The research group of the study consists of 60
This present study aimed 1) Investigating the patterns of interaction during the teaching of English language in EFL classroom, and 2) Investigating how the patterns of interaction promote students‟
Between theory and practice
The present study explores patterns of cognition among 14 foreign language (FL) teacher students in Sweden regarding teaching oral proficiency and grammar in French German, Italian and Spanish. It is
Using Student Response System to Enhance Listening and Speaking Skills for EFL Saudi Secondary School Students
T his study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of using student response system to develop EFL listening and speaking skills for secondary school students. Participants of the study were
Considerations for the teaching and testing of speaking in Austrian lower secondary EFL
Die Neue Mittelschule und die geanderten Rahmenbedingungen bringen immer neue Herausforderungen fur die Lehrer mit sich. Eine dieser Herausforderungen ist es der Kompetenz Sprechen exakt dieselbe